Bharat Pant
Studio 504, California building
2205 California Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Email: [email protected]
Artist’s statement

Growing up in Almora, I developed a love for nature and for painting outdoors early in my boyhood. I would climb the terraced fields of our hills with my watercolor set and create paintings of the faraway Himalaya. From these mountains I developed my “distant eye” that is reflected in the primary subjects of my oeuvres –landscapes or abstractions thereof. My palette is also influenced by the rich earth tones and deep layered blues of Kumauni surroundings.

Since leaving home, I have followed my twin passions – a scientific/technical one and an artistic one, eventually leading to a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh. I have lived and traveled in many parts of the world – Maharashtra, Maritime Canada, United States, Southern Japan, and Italy – and something from each place informs my artistic work.

Since 1985, I have lived primarily in Minneapolis, a fortunate choice because of the high level of artistic activity in Minnesota and for my connection with the thriving community of artists in Northeast Minneapolis. The wide open spaces of the Prairie have also found their way into my art.

I regularly paint en plein aire at home and on my travels. Painting fulfils the deeply-felt desire to render my personal reality on paper and provides the simple and primitive pleasure of putting a mark on paper that is the first joy of a child. My choice of media for many years was watercolor and ink on paper, but is now increasingly oil on canvas.

My works are in private collections in Minnesota, throughout the United States, and Italy.
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